Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Too Many Photos to Choose From..What to do, What to do...

Not much happening around here today. It was pouring rain all morning which put a damper on outside activities. I finished one quilt top today and worked on a few cards. I was watching a YouTube video about using Distress Inks and making your own background for cards so I went down to give it a try.  I think I grabbed some cheap water colour paper and it’s not blending well. Back to the drawing board on that technique!

I thought I’d stir things up a bit and post a scrapbook layout….with multiple photos on each page. I love how this turned out. We took two of the grandsons to a place where they had kiddie rides and mini golf. This is from 2010 and boy have those kids grown since then!

I had so many cute pictures of them on the rides and playing golf that it was impossible to choose just a few for a layout using the full size photos so I opened a 4x6 new file in Photoshop and choose nine photos of them playing mini golf with Grampa. By shrinking each photo to 2” I was able to put three in a row, 2 layers thick and printed them off as one photo. Then I just cut them in half leaving three intact. These photos were then glued to a green background piece leaving a scant border and I used some patterned paper to fill in the odd blanks. I did the same with the ride photos but added one extra row. For the first page I traced and then hand cut the red shape using a template from Hot Off the Press. I made the tag from left over bits of paper. The other set of photos were first glued to a light blue piece of paper to pick up the blue in the other layout, and then it was glued to a pale yellowish-green piece. I used some bellies from a Theme Park pack from Hot Off the Press on those blank squares. To make the large red corner pieces, I cut a large square, cut it in half on the diagonal then notched the middle so the photo sheet would sit inside of it. The title “fun” was made from a set of blah letters and I painted them red to match. The background paper is from the stash. I wanted another bellie on the left hand layout and I had won a package of those little flags on toothpicks ages ago and I just wrote “fore” on it and glued it into the corner. These were fun pages to put together.

Here are the individual pages for a closer look.

That’s all for a rainy Tuesday,


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