Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall Wall-hangings

It was a beautiful day here in Ontario, quite hot in the afternoon and a very busy one at our house. This morning was a) library b) fruit stand c) two different grocery stores and then d) lunch back at the house. Then this afternoon while Joe was cutting the grass I tackled three in the house jobs. 1) Blanched and froze a huge head of cauliflower. Joe’s cousin has a huge organic garden and grows way too much for them and brings us lots of veggies. Nice! 2) Cooked and froze 8 bags of red cabbage (also from the cousin) and apples. This was a LOT of work. Lots of chopping involved. Luckily I have a huge soup pan that Joe swears came from the army from WW1. It is old but not quite that old but I think I’ve had it for over 40 years. 3) While the cabbage and apples were finally cooking I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies for Joe. I haven’t made them all summer so he was pleasantly surprised and eager to try them. I don’t like chocolate much so they are all his. I usually eat one right from the oven and cooled slightly and that’s enough for me. Needless to say we are both bushed tonight.

As soon as September starts I get out the fall wall-hangings for the wrought iron railing at the top of our stairs. Here’s what’s hanging there now. 


Love my jar wall-hanging. It reminds me of my mother and grandmother, both married to farmers with large families, so lots of canning was done by them.

My girls and I all love sunflowers so when our local quilt shop was teaching this stained glass affect I had to sign up for it.

 I had one lady who stopped by for a visit who thought this was real stained glass and I had to let her see it up close before she would believe that it was fabric.

That’s all for a Tuesday,


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