Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Are We There Yet?

Every parent and grandparent that travels with children have heard “Are we there yet?” over and over. My granddaughter, on the other hand, when she was about four or five, used to ask, “Where are we now?” over and over. Joe and I like to take back roads and quite often there was no town to be able to tell her where we were so I would notice the names of the side roads and when she would ask I would say the name of the road which satisfied her and we got a chuckle out of it. This however is a scrapbook layout of two our grandsons on a short day trip with us….and yes, we heard, “Are we there yet?” even though it was a short trip.

They were in car seats in the back seats with their sun glasses on and with big smiles at the thought of going on a trip so I turned and took a picture of each of them. Lots of tags, ribbons, and embellishments but sorry, I have no idea what company they came from as I didn’t keep track of them. I like to add blocks of different paper to give the page some interest. The two photos are actually mounted on the reverse side of the patterned paper between them and I used some of it on the other page. Here’s a close up of the first page.

And here’s the other page. 

One of the stops was at a petting zoo which they loved. I decided to use a grid system for this side of the layout but broke it up by adding two circles and one large photo. The title on the far right was die cut using a Cuttlebug alphabet die set. To add even more interest I did a scribble with a black pen around each square. When I finished the page and looked it over I noticed that the area in the bottom right just above Joe’s head was a bathroom sign and was very distracting so I tied a black bow and glued it over top. There is enough black in other areas of the two pages to tie it in just fine.

Another grey, windy, and then rainy day here again today. My blogging friend in California says they are in a drought; another blogger I follow lives in Maine and they had 17” of snow yesterday; the weather is crazy all over it seems.

That’s all for a Tuesday,


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jinxxxygirl said...

:) That afternoon and evening of rain we received on Halloween only amounted to half an inch.... It never REALLY rains here just drizzle. Its a very lucky day to see water coming out the down spouts. But hey every little drop helps. They are showing us dry for the next week...sigh..... We get this pesky high ridge over us that just sends everything north to Washington and Oregon and on into Canada.... Lets hope that High pressure just gets moving out of here.

Your granddaughter made me laugh.. So cute. When my daughter was young and we didn't have alot of 'extra' money when she wanted a toy or something at the store i'd always tell her.' Maybe next time' and she'd say 'okay'. Like it was no problem at all... Not every kid would be so accommodating.. :)

I just love your scrapbooking layouts. I hope i can do as well someday. Big Hugs! deb

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