Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Busy day but time for a card

Busy, busy, busy day! Between raking leaves, yes again; doing some fall clean up which is no where near as much fun as the spring planting; working on genealogy research with my cousin in Chicago via e-mail; and quilting, the day has just flown by. In fact, I was just sitting here thinking it was time to sit and read for awhile but I had the strange feeling I was forgetting to do something – oh yeah, post something on the blog.

So, here is another experiment card that turned out okay.

While I had my stencil out for the card I posted a couple of days ago, I decided to use it once again. This time I used a variety of inks to give a blended look and I inked the edges as well before gluing it to the white card base. The butterfly is from Inkadinkado and once it was stamped I sponged many colours of ink over it as well. In fact it looks dark in the picture but it has a bit of a gold sheen because I went over it with shimmer gold water colour paint and looks prettier in person. It was cut out and glued to a piece of black cardstock and then I trimmed around it leaving just a bit of the black showing. The head is a black gem. Before I glued it down I stamped just the top of the butterfly so the antennae would be there. The sentiment was stamped and then I notched the ends, glued it to a piece of black and notched those ends as well. It needed something else so I added the pretty greenish-gold ribbon and added a fake bow. I just tied two small ends and then glued it to the ribbon.

That’s all for a busy Wednesday,


1 comment:

jinxxxygirl said...

You sound busy Violet! :) Shower people again today...tore the marble out, tomorrow they will be here too to reinforce the floor and the build up the back wall that cracked a little more, Then next week they will come and put it all back together.

Love your card. The fact that the scanned image never looks as good as it does in person drives me up a wall! But i think yours looks good. The butterfly might look a little muddy but that like you said didn't scan well.

I dabble in genealogy too. Not that i really know what i'm doing. I just poke around hoping to stumble on something. :) I'm stuck on my great grandfather. I have his death from a newspaper clipping but its not a regular obituary . He died in a horrible accident in 1925. And the article talks about that but not his birthday or parents names , sibling etc... very frustrating. Anyway. Have fun! Talk at you later. Hugs! deb

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