Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Summer Layouts on a Cold Day

Very cold and windy here today so I settled down and got some quilting done. I’ve always layered my quilts (backing/batting/top) together on the basement floor and pinned them while taped down. The last one I did like that bothered by back and knee so badly I decided I had to find another method of doing it. On the Internet I found a lady who devised a way to layer and bind them using two pieces of wood – about ½” x 2 or 3 and about 6’ long and doing it on a table. So, I decided to give it a try. Joe’s cousin cut the wood for me and I bought a table from Staples and laid the quilt out as directed. Now, this lady STRONGLY advises using thread to baste them together so I followed her instructions and I can now tell you that I STRONGLY suggest you don’t use thread and go back to using safety pins. The laying part seems okay though and so far I haven’t seen any ripples on the back of the quilt….and my knee and back are thanking me! I just finished basting the quilt together at lunch time and as we were finishing eating all of a sudden Joe says to me, “Why don’t you quilt the quilt down in the basement. You would have way more room.” Good idea Joe. My sewing machine is on a small desk my father made me about 40 years ago and it is right in the corner of the sewing room, which is actually a walk-in closet and I have maybe 2 ½” of room for the quilt to lay in as I quilt it. Some days that man is definitely worth his keep and this was one of them! The quilt is so much easier to manage on a 6’ table.

It’s very cold outside so I was looking at some scrapbook layouts of summer outings to cheer myself up and decided to post this one today.

Even though it was July, that particular day was cool in the shade but warm in the sun so jackets and sweaters were off and on all day. I don’t like being cold so mine stayed on.  I took a picture of one of the trails we were on and used that as the title of the page on the far left. To make it look like it was on a post I simply cut a piece of brown cardstock and placed it behind it and added a brown brad to look like a nail. Then I went through my embellishments and found some fun sayings and a little bird to add to it. The background paper is from a paper pack from paper Wishes. The butterflies are a combination of Cuttlebug and Stampin’ Up dies. A pretty simple layout but I like it.

Here are the pages up close….and by the way; the city is blacked out for posting here but not the original of course.

That’s all for a cold Tuesday, November-25-14 (Yikes, it’s Nov. 25…that means one month until Christmas…I better get those other 10 quilts done - gulp)


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jinxxxygirl said...

I clicked on the image and brought it up large and Violet i REALLY like that layout. You did a great job! Stay warm... its in the 60's here and i have a couple windows open. I made porcupines for supper so the house smells yummy... Hubs should be walking in the door any minute now... We are expecting rain Sat/Sun/ and Monday and perhaps beyond!! woohoo!!! Bring it on! Hugs! deb

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