Friday, November 28, 2014

Belated Thanksgiving wishes....and for a reason

Happy belated Thanksgiving wishes to my American readers. Sorry I didn’t post it yesterday but it was because I’m sick! I’m sick and I don’t have time to be sick! At least today I’m vertical at least some of the day and I even spent about an hour sorting out my cut fabric squares into separate sizes and colour groups and bagged them all. That’s more than I’ve done in the last two days and I was exhausted when I got that done and had to lay down for a rest. This is not fair people. I’m the one who refuses to shake hands during our meet and greet at church – I insist on doing the knuckle punch; Joe shakes hands. When we come in from shopping the first thing I do is wash my hands; Joe doesn’t. If I use a grocery cart, I use one of the cleaners first; Joe doesn't and almost always pushes the cart…..and who picks up the virus – me! Not fair. Not that I want him to get sick either but really, it’s not fair. And quite honestly, he is the one that usually gets sick first but not this time. He hates it when I’m sick too….and he says he misses hearing me quilt! So funny.

Well, I do have a card to share today. One of our guild members had an operation and I sent her this thinking of you card that I had made prior to being sick.

The pink paper and background paper is from the stash. The stamp is a small .99 stamp from Paper Wishes and was coloured with my Prismacolor pencils. Spellbinder dies were used to die cut all the shapes. For the one holding the sentiment, I sponged some Distress Ink Old Paper around the top of the embossed bits and around the oval to make it blend in better with the background which has beige in it. Joe took it to the post office for me yesterday as I was in no shape to get off the couch let alone go for a walk. I’ve never seen so many movies as the last few days…although I sleep through some of them.

So have a safe and healthy weekend people and hopefully I’ll be back to quilting and card making and scrapbooking soon.


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jinxxxygirl said...

Oh no Violet!!! I'm so sorry your sick! Alvin and i take no extraordinary measures to avoid germs...we shake hands and use carts without wiping them etc... and neither one of us can remember when was the last time we were truly sick and as you know we never take the flu shot either. Lady Luck must just be smiling on us... :) ... and Joe... But you my friend take good care of yourself and feel better soon. I'd give you a hug but maybe i better stick with a 'knuckle punch' lol deb

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