Monday, December 29, 2014

A Man's Card

I think the quilts I’m making are cursed! I have had nothing but problems getting them done, and no, they are still not finished. First I got sick for over 3 weeks and didn’t sew a stitch and then my sewing machine started giving me problems – 3 trips to the shop in less than a week. However, finally today he has the machine stitching just fine and after we finished a very cold brisk hour’s walk I got a lot of quilting done this afternoon. They probably won’t all be done by the time we have our get-together but they know they’ll get them when they’re done.

A lot of birthdays are coming up...and my sister's was today. Two of my sons-in-law and my cousin’s husband have birthdays in January and so does Joe’s sister. Here’s the card I made for one son-in-law.

I thought I would try to make a patchwork card as well as those out of fabric. So I pulled some brown, blue, green and a splash of golden brown paper from the stash, inked all the edges in brown ink and then taped them together at the back and then cut it to size. The sentiment is from a birthday set from Hot Off the Press. I liked it okay but it needed something else. So, I die cut the bird, inked it with brown ink and attached it. Perfectly fine for a man now – no beads, buttons, gems or glitter. Men’s cards are so drab but the bird perked it up.

Junior World Hockey is on this week and so far Canada has won both games by a large margin. Hope they can keep it up but the other teams coming up are very strong too.

That’s all for a cold Monday….yes, the above normal, mild temperatures have disappeared.


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