Saturday, December 27, 2014

Snowy Owl Search

Well, Christmas and Boxing Day is over and things are getting back to normal. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. We almost always attend church on Christmas Eve but my sore throat came back on Wednesday and by Thursday it was worse and I had no voice at all so….and it was raining…so we opted to stay home. Getting wet or passing this never-ending-virus on would not be in anyone’s best interest. Happy to say it is finally getting better. Without any family here, Christmas wasn’t all that exciting for Joe and I and actually it was pretty much a regular day. We spoke to most of the girls and grandkids and Skyped with one of them who showed us all his presents which was nice. We’ll have our Christmas get-together with all the kids and grandchildren a little late this year….but it will happen. So, I thought I would quilt all afternoon on Christmas Day and the sewing machine had other ideas and it quit sewing. The owner of our local Baby Lock dealer and quilt shop did a quick repair on it just on Tuesday and thought it would last for a few months yet but it didn’t. I did make a couple of cards instead of quilting but I don’t have them photographed yet.

So, this morning I took the sewing machine into the shop so Rick, the owner, could fix it first thing Monday morning. I decided to take Joe out for his birthday lunch – finally and when we got home there was a message on the machine saying Liz (co-owner and wife) stopped into the store and saw the note on my machine and knew where the bobbin cases were and how to set it up and she fixed it for me. Did the happy dance for sure!

More on Joe’s birthday. I was really sick on his birthday and birthdays are not a big thing with us anyway so he said a rain check for a meal out would be fine. I didn’t have any cake or cupcakes for him either. He said he just wanted a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of soup for lunch so at the last minute I put a lit candle between the sandwich halves and presented it to him. He thought it was hilarious! I have my moments…even when I’m sick.

Back to the sewing machine and owls story now. While we were eating our lunch we decided to go out looking for the Snowy Owls again so we picked up the sewing machine and carried on with the owl search. I love owls! The Snowy Owls did not usually come this far south in the winter until a couple of years ago when several were spotted. This year there are a record number of them….even though we saw just one! Here are the pictures I got of it.

 It was sitting on top of a hydro pole and it was an overcast day so they are not the best photos but at least I got some. It flew away before I could get any other ones.

Okay, break is over, back to quilting.


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jinxxxygirl said...

Oh my goodness Violet i have never seen a snowy owl in person. They are so magickal.... I saw a great horned owl ( i think thats what it was in TX) one early evening... I was just finishing a hike thru the state park just down the road from where i lived...i was trudging up the final hill to the car when i looked up and there it was perched on a stop sign... we just looked at each other for a few moments . i could hardly breathe. Then it was gone.

Birthdays don't get celebrated much around here either... Maybe a meal out...some cake if your lucky.. I think you improvised very Hugs! deb

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