Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A New Challenge Card

The BRRRRR weather continues. In spite of the cold air I absolutely had to get two birthday cards in the mail today so I put on my “big girl panties” (as my kids say for doing something you don’t want to do) along with a heavy coat, scarf, hat and gloves, and walked to the mail box and back but added a couple of extra blocks to the walk to make it sort of qualify as exercise! That was enough for me.

This male downy woodpecker is a frequent visitor to one of our bird feeders….we have five of them filled with different seeds and nuts.

Today’s card was made from another challenge I gave myself. Hubby loves Dachshunds (he owned one years ago) and he bought himself a flip calendar with a different picture of one on each day. He showed me one that he had just ripped off and as soon as I saw it I said, “That would make a cute card”. He gave me that look men give you when they think you are making a ridiculous statement. “No, really”, I said, “give it to me and I’ll show you”. So, I went down to the lower studio and whipped up this card.

First thing I did was cut the image down to a smaller size, but leaving a white border, and cutting off all the printing. Ooops, there was some printing left on the lower right…easily corrected as you can see. I found a piece of brown cardstock in the stash that was just the right size for the image. Before gluing it down though I laid three Spellbinders label dies in the middle and die cut them. No use wasting paper! I used one on the card and stored the other two for future cards. The plaid background was also in the stash and it just suited the card perfectly. The sentiment is a peel-off from Hot Off the Press (Paper Wishes) and so is the black doo-dad. The ribbon was from the ribbon stash (yes, I have a lot of stashes) and I just pulled a small amount through the ends of the label and glued it on….right over the letters that I couldn’t cut off! To balance out the black, I added three black gems along the bottom left. Hubby was impressed! I know he liked it because today he handed me another picture from yesterday’s calendar page that he thought would make a nice card.

That’s all for a cold Tuesday,


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