Tuesday, February 10, 2015

More Serene Silhouette Cards.

We woke up to snow flurries again this morning which is a day earlier than our local weather specialist predicted. Oh well, no ones perfect, especially weather predictors!! We managed to go for a very slippery walk but called it done after an hour. I almost went on my keister (aka the butt) three times but managed to save myself. I was planning on helping a friend cut strips of fabric for more comfort quilts this afternoon but just after lunch the weird speech patterns started again. Hard to converse when that happens so I had to decline. I’m way behind in making this year’s Christmas cards so I went down to the lower studio instead and got a couple made. Stay tuned for them.

The Serene Silhouette stamp set from Stampin’ Up has four stamps in the set. Yesterday I posted one of them and here is one of the other ones. I love this set!


This one is done with the water colour background technique the same as yesterday’s cards using plain water colour paint and on the pre-embossed cardstock. The sentiment is from HOTP. Once it was dry I also did the splatter technique. Some people don’t care for that but I like it.

This card was done by folding a piece of water colour paper and creating the water colour background – a mixture of plain water colour paint and the glimmer water colour paint and more splatters. This is one of the smaller cards that will now fit in the envelopes left over from the ones I couldn’t use from the previous cards. I really like this one a lot so I will have no problem using up those other envelopes now.

No other news from here so that’s all for a Tuesday,




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