Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Circle Card

First of all, my apologies for forgetting to post the card on yesterday’s post, until Aquafit reminded me – thanks Aquafit – and I went back and inserted it…, if you checked yesterday and it wasn’t there, just scroll down to see it as it is there now. This was definitely my mistake – I think the bitter cold has frozen some of my brain cells! Apparently this below normal cold weatjer is going to last right through March so who knows what I’ll be forgetting if that happens!

Today we tried walking at the arena to get some exercise. While I was with my sister yesterday, Joe ran some errands and decided to see what the walking at the arena was like. We have both almost fallen trying to walk on the sidewalks and we miss not getting the exercise so it seemed like a good idea to try something new. He did 8 laps yesterday (1 mile) and we both went back this morning and did 20 laps (2 ½ miles). I must say walking on cement is a lot harder than walking on dirt and even pavement….but at least we didn’t have to worry about falling. I think we’ll be going back.

Today’s card is a circle card.

I had a package of these pre-cut scalloped circle cards – likely from the dollar bin at Michaels - and had never used them. A friend of mine gave me a package insert (I think it was an insert) with those pink flowers on it. It wasn’t a card but I can’t remember exactly what it was. I wondered if she gave it to me thinking I could use it – so I did. I used a Spellbinder scalloped die to cut out the part I wanted to feature, and then the green paper. The pink flower popped up by dimensional glue dots was also on the card and I just cut around it leaving a white border. The tag was die cut with a Cuttlebug die. The sentiment was from a set from the dollar store that I’ve had for a few years. Before gluing the featured scallop to the green I ran a think pink ribbon from the popped up flower to the back of the first layer and then glued everything down. I rather liked how it turned out and I think I’ll use up that package now.

That’s all for a Wednesday,


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