Saturday, February 28, 2015

Thrift Store Haul

I had to leave the house today to go to the library (I hate being low on books to read) and to pick up a die I ordered from the Paper Pickle (our local scrapbooking store) but that's okay as the temperature was about -5C this afternoon and no cold wind so it was quite bearable. I would have walked except the sidewalks are still very slippery in spots. On the way home I decided to pop into Value Village. I haven't been there for quite awhile - mainly because I haven't left the house that often - and the few times I have been in, they have had nothing I needed or wanted at all. Today I made up for it! Here's my haul.
This is a huge 13" x 13" set - most have not been used. I had a hard time peeling off one of them to try it so I know they have not been used. One is missing from the left side but I found it in the next batch of stamps I bought. Couldn't leave it there for $3.99.
SWIRL STAMPS - $1.99 each
Someone, likely at the store, took the one stamp and placed it inside the set on the right.
I don't have many swirls so for $1.99 each, I couldn't go wrong.

8 EMBOSSING FOLDERS $4.99 for all.
Two are Cuttlebug folders, the other six are Sizzix.

The only one I already own is the Cuttlebug one above. Whoever donated them also ran each one through a piece of cardstock and I've already used one of them on a card.
MORE STAMPS.... & flowers $4.99 for all
These are all brand new stamps, still sealed.
The flowers are new, package still sealed.
I really like the top set of stamps - I put the vellum piece that came with it beside so you can see better what it looks like. I think I'm going to use that one quite a bit.
Two on the bottom left are Christmas.
The one on the bottom right will be great for scrapbooking and cards.
There is a small saying on each circle, like "date", etc.

I'm very happy that I stopped in there today!



aquafit said...

It must be nice, every time I have been there of late I find nothing. I even stopped in London's store on Mon. and there was nothing. Nice find, maybe I can borrow some!!

jinxxxygirl said...

All i can say is ... WOW..... I had a haul today too but nothing like yours!!! I need to find me a thrift store like yours!!! Hugs!deb

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