Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A dull, wet, and dreary day.....with a card

I’m happy to report that the freezing rain did not amount to much here today. There was some ice forming on our tree in the front yard but not much…..rain we did get. I was supposed to go to Windsor today for my annual appointment with the periodontist but the weather report was still warning of freezing rain so I cancelled it until June…..much less chance of weather so bad we can’t travel in June. Chatham could use their own periodontist as the one in Windsor told me he thinks half his patients are from Chatham but so far, we don’t have one. Overall, it was a dull, wet and dreary day and I'm glad I stayed inside.

I spent the day quilting on the quilt I made for my daughter. I’ll be so glad to get this one done and I hope I remember not to make such a large quilt again.

Today’s card is one my friend Jane saw and really liked….in fact she liked it so much she took a photo of it for a reference… I thought it was time I posted it. If you a follower of my blog (I know it says I only have 29 followers but according to the stats I get over 1,000 hits each month so I guess a lot of people view it without actually signing on….which is fine by me) …anyway, if you read my blog you will know by now that I love to experiment and I seldom follow sketches. I’m more of a “Gee I wonder if that will work?” kind of crafter.

So, for this card I took a piece of white cardstock and rubbed various Distress Inks around it and then took a burnt rust stamp pad and dragged it across the card letting it hit just here and there; and then I rubbed it along the edges, smudging some areas more than others. The same stamp pad was used to stamp the fancy label (HOTP) and the sentiment. I took a left over piece of scrap cardstock which was the same colour, but darker, than what was used on the label and sentiment and I die cut the butterfly. The filigree wings were left white and once it was all assembled I glued it to the corner of the label. (this is funny….the grammar checker just advised me that the “I” before the word “glued” should be “me” instead of “I”… it would read, “me glued it??”? What age group created this spell and grammar check …a 3 year old maybe???) Sorry, I just had to share that.....…it cracked me up. Once everything was assembled and dry I glued it to a white card base.

Oh well, that’s all from a cracked up Wednesday, March-25-15


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