Monday, March 30, 2015

New Stamps!!!!

Another cold windy weekend and unfortunately my brain disorders did not like the weather and were still acting up. Yesterday my speech was so bad it was absolutely hilarious. Joe was having trouble understanding me and he’s usually pretty good at deciphering what I’m saying….he has had 15 years of doing so though. I think the best way to describe my speech was a drunken Southerner with a very bad speech impediment plus the last word in a sentence came out with about 30 extra syllables….even a 3 word sentence. So weird. I had just a bit too much pain as well to be able to sew again so I’m glad I have other quiet hobbies to do on these days.

 It’s been so cold it’s more like fall days instead of spring days (although a little warmer today and we actually got out for a walk) and I didn’t leave the house over the weekend except for Saturday when I made a quick trip to The Paper Pickle and the library…which is a block away from the Pickle. It was a very quick trip but while I was waiting to get a butterfly die they had ordered in for me, I started walking around the store…..bad idea, very bad. I knew they had just got a huge supply of new Penny Black stamps and as I was in a “treat yourself” mood I happened to pick up 3 new stamps. These are the new solid stamps and I seldom use them…because I don’t own many…and I decided I was in the mood to experiment so home with me they came.

I decided to make the ladies from our church that I visit at a nearby nursing home Easter cards using the new stamps. Here’s the first two.

This is a very large stamp. I did one lighter than the other just to see which one I like the best…I’m not sure which one wins as I don’t’ mind either one of them….but I think in this case, maybe the dark one by just a bit. Both were stamped first with Distress Ink but for the darker one I added extra colour with a Tombow marker. They were misted lightly and then stamped. The lighter one was very light so I rubbed some Distress Ink Mustard seed in the inside for a little variation. Both were splattered with both Stampin’ Up Raspberry Ink and some green ink. These were just stamped on plain white cardstock. I need to get some new hot press water colour paper. I only have cold press and I do use it but you can’t get a very sharp transfer with a stamp on it. 

 That’s all for another cool Monday


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