Friday, March 27, 2015

Scrappy Quilts

Another day of snow flurries – not as much as yesterday but still, snow is snow and we’ve had more than enough of it. There was a dusting of snow, or as one of my quilting friend calls it – about 4 snowflakes deep – this morning but it quickly melted even though we had, and are still seeing, snowflakes fluttering down all day. Unfortunately this change in atmospheric pressure set off the brain disorders in the middle of the night so today was a non-quilting day. I didn’t think I could take the noise of the sewing machine today so it was a quiet morning……..I read for awhile and then we watched American Idol – we pretty much tape everything to avoid having to watch commercials…bad I know – and this afternoon I did our Income Taxes…..which was nice to get them done and over with.  I buy the Quick Tax program so I don’t have to do any math or calculations – I just have to type in the figures where they belong and it does the rest……so much quicker and much more accurate. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get back to quilting…..I have my good sewing machine down in the lower studio where I usually craft because there was no room to manoeuvre the large quilt in the small upper studio and I have a small sewing machine (I won this one and I take it the church when we meet to make quilts for kids with cancer) in the upper studio and I’ve been working on a small quilt I’m donating to our local SPCA there. Not sure what I’ll do tonight….maybe just a nice hot shower and read.

I just realized I did not post a picture of the last two quilts I made – for two of my sons-in-law. All of the girls and their hubbies like scrappy quilts so that’s what I made them. Here are they are.
 Joey’s quilt is very wild and scrappy. I think it’s a bit too much for me but he loves it.

Austin’s quilt is not as scrappy as some as I kept it all in brown tones. I hope I made this one big enough for him...he's about 6'3" or more and looks like a giant viking - but has the heart of gold.
That’s all for a cold, snow flurry Thursday


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