Thursday, June 18, 2015

27 Happy Years.....and a Card

Yes, indeed, 27 years ago I married my best friend…..and we’re still best friends! We actually celebrated yesterday by going to Port Stanley for lunch out at the Roxxy and then to the theatre to see a very funny play….one of the best ones we’ve ever seen there. It was written by Norm Foster and we always enjoy his plays. We normally wander around Port Stanley afterwards or pop over to Sparta for awhile but last night was also quilt guild night so we headed straight home. I was just home long enough to brush my teeth and I headed back out the door…no time for supper….and the meeting was long too. I was too tired to post anything by the time I got home and ate. Today I finished another quilt top and just lazed around reading…..being retired definitely has its advantages!

Today’s card is another one featuring the Stampin’ Up swing die (or flip die, what ever it’s called) and another one of Tim Holtz’s bird stamps.

This is the card folded up with the band wrapped around it.

This is the inside when it flips open.

I decided this little bird looked sad this time so I drew heavy eyelids on him to make him look sadder. First he was stamped on cardstock and coloured and cut out. The hat was from an old stamp set and it was stamped, coloured and cut out as well. Then I stamped the bird right on the panel and then glued the coloured one on top. The hat was glued on and I drew some strings from the hat to his chin. I wanted him to be dragging a deflated balloon but didn’t have a stamp of one so I just drew on, cut it out and glued it to the bottom of the white panel I added. Then I ran some black thread from the balloon to his wing and I poked a little hole under his wing and stuck the end in. I should have done that before I glued him on but this was a last minute decision but it worked. The balloon was covered with glossy accents to make it shiny.

The front of the card was pretty plain so before I glued the green panels on I ran the one on the right through a Cuttlebug candle folder. 

I have a feeling this folder is now going to get a lot of use! Funny how you don’t use something for months or longer and then you find the perfect fit for it. I’m having a lot of fun experimenting with my new toys….I mean necessary crafting supplies!

That’s all for a Thursday night,


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jinxxxygirl said...

Happy Anniversary Violet and Joe!! Congratulations! We just celebrated our 26th a few weeks ago...Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

I really like the bird cards you are creating Violet... I watch all the playing you are doing and it makes me want to play.... i just packed away all the artsy stuff i had lying around so we can start tearing out sheetrock....uuughh...What a chore this is going to be... Hugs! deb

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