Friday, June 19, 2015

A Bird, A Turtle and a Card

I almost forgot to post a card today because I keep thinking its Saturday. We went to Rondeau Park for a walk today – 8,222 steps – and we normally go on the weekend so this through me off. We didn’t see too much and didn’t get many photos but I did get this female Baltimore oriole.

Then we saved this huge snapping turtle.

He was right on the curve of the road and if a car was turning into the parking lot he would have been run over for sure. So, I called the Visitor’s Centre and they said they would send someone down. A few minutes later a car came out of the trail and as only park vehicles are allowed on that trail we knew help had come. It turns out the Visitor’s Centre hadn’t called them yet but this group of 4 naturalists were doing turtle studies at the park and she figured they would be sent back so she just moved him. She didn’t hesitate one bit and picked him up by the hind legs and moved him off the road….explaining all the time how to safely do so. I had to confess and told her that I had just posted the link that explained how to remove turtles off the road, including snapping turtles, on my Facebook page a few days before so I actually know the process, I just didn’t want to do it. She laughed and said she didn’t blame me but now I know how easy it really is I could do it if I have to. Here is the link about moving turtles:

The most important thing to remember is never, ever pick a turtle up by the tail as the tail is part of his spinal column and you could do irreparable damage. Also, turtles are endangered because so many get hit by cars. Some turtles have to live 20 years, yes 20 years, before they can mate for the first time. So, if you save on turtle, you could be saving hundreds!

Now for the card. I thought I’d post this baby congrats card that used up some of the paper stash.

I wanted a card for a baby shower that was gender neutral so yellow it is! I just pulled some yellow paper out of the stash and arranged them until I liked them. Then I added the die cut baby carriage, also yellow. The carriage seemed to be floating so I added the white with black polka dot ribbon for it to sit on. Then I added black gems for the spoke on the wheels. The sentiment and label were stamped and I cut around the label and glued it on.

That’s all from a tired crafter on a Friday, June-19-15


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jinxxxygirl said...

LOL! I thoroughly enjoyed that link Violet! :) I wonder if that snapper was getting frustrated by the end of the demonstration....'just how many times is this guy gonna 'help' me across the road'? :) I definitely feel more confident helping a snapper across the road.. i think i could do it now. Hugs! deb

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