Monday, June 22, 2015

A Birthday Layout

I’m still on weekend mode I think. I almost forgot to post something today. We had a very busy three days in spite of a lot of rain and lots of chances of rain. We ended up leaving the bikes at home and went hiking instead – about 9,000 steps three days in a row. We found a new hiking Conservation area yesterday and really enjoyed it…..except for the mosquitoes…and rain…. it was a great weekend.

I thought I’d post a scrapbook layout today. Time for a change from cards. This is a layout I did for my oldest grandson whose birthday is coming up next month. This one is from 2010.

 Here are the two pages put together.

I like two page layouts that are similar but not a mirror image of each other. So I started with two plain pieces of blue paper and then cut some darker blue paper with even darker blue balloons on it to go around the top. The letters were die cut, painted white and the blue paint was splattered on.

Some extra strips of paper were added to the top and bottom of the photos so they don’t look like they are floating. The journaling block and date block were stamped and then I added three paper buttons that I die cut. This is the grandson who has been growing his hair out for years so he could donate it for the organization that makes wigs for children who lost their hair from chemotherapy. He finally was able to donate it this spring. Love this boy!

That’s all for a Monday,


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