Monday, June 1, 2015

First Card with the Fiskar Fuse Flowers

Well the weekend was a wash-out! Oh my once it started to rain (along with a thunderstorm) Saturday afternoon it didn’t stop until Sunday night. There are lots of flooding in low lying areas too. Not as bad as Texas mind you but still a lot of rain fell. And cold….brrrr….we were tempted to turn the A/C on a couple of days last week and yesterday morning I had to turn the furnace on just to get the damp chill out of the house. Same thing this morning and likely tomorrow as they are calling for the chance of frost in some areas. Crazy weather!

Today’s card is the first one that actually got finished using the new Fiskar’s fuse things I bought. Here is the package of them so you will know what I’m using.

See it says “die-cut and letter press in one pass”! Well, maybe it does if you own their letterpress machine but I don’t. First thing I did was check out YouTube to see if anyone else had tried these on a Big Shot and I got some ideas. The first few things I tried ripped the paper and they went into the garbage. I tried the fun foam that one lady said worked best but it ripped the paper and it really indented the foam to so that would be very expensive to use. Finally I hit the right combination: The Big Shot platform but no tabs; then the cutting pad; then a piece of quilt batting; the Fiskar’s die(?)(not sure what to call these); the second cutting pad and run it through. Accceptable. Here’s the card.

I just used a piece of white cardstock as the trial and as you can see it die letterpress the flowers quite nicely. What's really nice is you can use as many flowers as you like and you can place them anywhere. Because it actually worked I had to then make something out of it. Into the stash I went and found that lovely pink polka dot paper and the darker plain paper. The polka dot paper was just glued on and then I ran two gold peel-off lines on either side to hide the edge. The card was inked around the edge with dark ink. The sentiment and little flowers came with a Cuttlebug alphabet set. More experiments to be shown as the week goes by!


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