Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Calendar Card

The humid weather has left; the A/C is off and the windows open! Yesterday, in spite of the heat, we did another 27.4km on the bikes. By the time we got home and had a shower and a bite to eat (I love toasted tomato sandwiches; Joe does not) it was time for me to leave for the quilt guild meeting. I was way too tired to post anything by the time I got home. Tomorrow we are going to get the grandsons so posting will be a “maybe” for the next week depending on how tired I am keeping up with two active boys….they are well behaved but active!

Today is a card I made using a calendar picture instead of a stamped one. A friend of mine loves dachshunds and wanted to know if I could make her a few cards with them on. Here’s one of them.

This is my husband’s favourite dog too and he owned one years ago. Last year we found a small flip calendar with all dachshunds’ photos for each day. They were so cute I asked him to save the photos for me in case I needed them….and I did. I trimmed this photo down; leaving the white border and mounted it on the green and then on the polka dot cardstock which has the edges inked with a green Distress Ink. It was then all mounted on to the white card base. The sentiment was computer generated and cut into a banner shape and then glued to a piece of the left over green from behind the photo of the dog. She loved it! The inside says, “Wishing you better days ahead” so it can be used for many occasions.

I had to run a couple of errands and stopped at two of the thrift stores that I just happened to be driving by – nothing to report; except some over pricing. Someone in charge of pricing got carried away. They had a set of small stamps that came from the dollar store (I know this because I own them) and they were asking $7.99 for them! I couldn’t believe it. I would have pointed it out to them but no one was around and I was in a hurry. Gotta know your prices people!!!

I was also asked about Twinkling H2O’s. Yes, I have some that I bought years ago and I do use them occasionally. I read somewhere that they were no longer being manufactured but not sure if that is true or not. Apparently you cannot believe everything you read on the Internet!!! However, a great alternative (and much cheaper) is a set of Artist Loft’s Pearlescent water colour paints that are less then $10.00 if you have a coupon. These I use a lot!

That’s all for a cool Thursday,




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jinxxxygirl said...

Hey if you like those Artist Loft paints as well as the H2o's then i'm all for it! Thanks for that! You no doubt saved me a bunch of moola! :) Love your card... You know i like it when we repurpose and reuse... :) I have some calendars awaiting my attention too. :) Right now i'm working on a gecko postcard and a twist on a Van Gogh painting on an envelope. Using a technique i learned from The ArtSherpa on YouTube... Have you heard of her?? She's fabulous! We are enjoying a cool stretch of weather too... ! Hugs! deb

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