Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Altered Butterfly Stamped Card

The predicted thunderstorm turned into a very short, mild shower this morning and blue skies returned but not it’s not quite as humid as the last few days. My husband’s cousin and wife stopped in this morning for coffee and a visit and brought the biggest head of cabbage I’ve ever seen along with beets, beans, and peppers; and a jar of his pickled beets and applesauce. So instead of playing in the studio today I spent a couple of hours this afternoon making cabbage rolls (with vegetarian ground round instead of hamburger of course); grated enough cabbage for two lots of cabbage soup; (gave half the cabbage to my neighbour) cooked and froze the beets and made more rice as I used all the frozen rice in the cabbage rolls. Whew! Tired now!

I had a question about the high water levels at Lake Erie which Rondeau Provincial Park borders on so here’s the explanation. The water levels in all of the 5 Great Lakes have been down considerably for several years which was causing quite a concern for the lake ships and those with docks. We used to walk our bikes on the beach around the bend at South Point Trail and we had at least 20 feet of sand from the shore to the water’s edge. Then we ended up getting more snow in the last two winters and more rain in the warmer months and now the levels are higher than ever….as you can see in the photo in yesterday’s posting. The lake ship owners and those who own boat docks are very happy. Unfortunately we have also had a lot of thunderstorms with strong winds and it is eating away at the shoreline. Nature will do as nature wants though.

Today’s card is one I made with the altered butterfly stamp from a retired Stampin’ Up set. Here is what the wooden stamp looked like (I found it on-line). The words made it only useful for a thank you card.

I didn’t like the words around it so I altered mine by cutting them off. Here’s how it stamps now.

See, no words left on so now I can use it for any type of card I want. Once I stamped the butterfly with black ink on white cardstock, I decided it needed a few more splats of black so I used another stamp and stamped a few more black spots. Then Distress Inks were rubbed around the area until I liked it. Then I stamped the fancy label box (sorry another thrift store find so no idea who made it but likely retired anyway), stamped the sentiment and sponged the same Distress Inks around them; cut it out and glued it to the panel. Once it was glued to the blue card base I added the little baker’s twine bow I had tied.

That’s all for a lovely Tuesday,







1 comment:

jinxxxygirl said...

Well i think the card is perfect Violet. Love that little butterfly and how clever of you to just cut off the words you didn't want! The Distress Ink are on my wish list.... just cannot decide if i want the big pads or the little pads....or the round or rectangle pads to spread it around with.... sigh... Have you ever tried Twinkling H2o's ??? They are on my wish list too... :)

I wish i had just a small percentage of the luck you have at finding craft supplies at thrift stores... :)

Thanks so much for the Lake explanation... :) And your right Nature will do as she wants. Hugs! deb

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