Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Gorgeous Day and a Card

Another absolutely gorgeous day here in Ontario but strangely enough this is day three of me talking with a deep southern accent…..and we have no idea what triggered it off this time. I woke up Monday morning not only with an accent but also adding lots of extra syllables to the end of each word….not a fun day listening to me or trying to figure out what I’m saying.  Joe and I are both glad that part stopped. When the brain disorders decide to act up, we have no idea what the day will be like…..and it can switch as quick as flipping a light switch too. Luckily I don’t have much pain with this episode, just some pressure which is easy to deal with.

I had a friend stop in this morning and we had a good laugh over my accent….she loved it! That’s the kind of friends to have; ones that just laugh right along with you. She also looked over my cards and agrees that they are so much nicer in person than on the blog but I have no way to improve them there….it is what it is.

Tonight is quilt guild night so I thought I better get my post done or I’ll forget by the time I get home. Today’s card is another anniversary card.


The background is from a 6” paper pack but ¼” was cut from each side to bring it down to 5 ½”……6” cards are just a bit too big for my liking. It does not cost extra to send a square card in Canada but I do believe it does in U.S.A.  Because the background was already stamped with the doily edge and the flowers all it needed was something in the middle. So, I used a Memory Box butterfly die to die cut the large butterfly out of paper from the same pack. I don’t have the die for the underneath part, if there even is one, so here is what I do. I use the same die but I use it as an embossing stencil and run it through the Big Shot using the same technique when embossing any die. This raises the middle parts and it gives an outline of where to cut so the filigree top fits perfectly….so much easier than tracing it and cutting it. Before gluing it down the swirl was stamped. Then I took my sentiment stamp and inked up “Happy” and covered the “Anniversary” part with scotch tape and stamped the Happy on the top of the swirl, and then did the same for the Anniversary part. Whew! I’m always nervous stamping right on the card but this time it was okay.

That’s all for a lovely Wednesday,





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jinxxxygirl said...

'Deep southern accent' too funny Violet! I pick up accents really easy... I moved around alot as a kid... a mother who could just not stay put.. It was always between NJ/PA area to NC or FLorida.. It did not take me long once i was in Fl to start speaking with a southern accent and then loose it again just as quickly once moving up north... I guess i'm just a good mimic. LOL! Love your card Violet. The butterfly is gorgeous! We are suffering thru about 3 days of temps back up near 90 then we cool down again over the weekend with some rain...uuughh i wish Fall would come and just settle in... Hugs! deb

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