Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Repurposed Card

Another busy day for us. I haven’t left the house since Sunday so I decided, weird speech or not, I was going out. Well, it turned out we had several errands to run, groceries to get and lunch out was also included in the day. We had talked of going for a walk when we got home but we were gone longer than we expected to be, walked more than we thought we would and were a little tired…..and then it started to rain….whew!...all walks were cancelled.

One of the stops we did today was the library – or course – and as soon we got home we noticed a message on the answering machine – it was from the library saying the microfilms came in from Archives Toronto. I immediately went back to the library only to find out someone else was using the microfilm machine so I had to reserve a spot for 6:30. I just got back from there and it was another wasted trip. Instead of my mother and father’s birth form, all it held was the registration number, their name and date of birth. Well I already knew their name and date of birth so I was not impressed. The librarian did some more checking for me and called to tell me that I needed the first film to get the registration number and then they try to order the microfilm for that number. Oh brother! Only the government can create such red tape. Oh well, I guess we just have to follow along like sheep if we want results. My parents have been gone since 1972 and 1975 (both died way too young) and I really want to update the family genealogy records while I’m still here but really, it’s getting ridiculous.

I did get a couple more cards made this afternoon too so that was good. Here is one of the latest cards I made.
A few friends give me their old greeting cards in case I can use them. Very few are actually useable for making new cards….although sometimes I die cut the greeting inside and use that. A lot of them get used to back a piece of cardstock when I run it through the Big Shot using a die. If you use two pieces of cardstock you don’t have to run it through a second time to emboss it. So, by using an old greeting card it saves a step and the card goes into the recycle bin where it was headed for anyway. Well, I picked up an old sympathy card and I really liked the sentiment so I die cut it using a Spellbinder die. The card also had a lot of plain darker green so I used my new Spellbinder die to cut out that lacy background. I popped it up with skinny dimensional dots to just lift it off the white a bit. Then the light green piece with the sentiment was glued on. These dies are from two different sets but work together very well. Well, there was still a wee bit of both light and darker green left over so I die cut the Memory Box butterfly wings from the light green. I wanted the dark green underneath so I ran the dies through again but only to emboss, not cut. That gives me the exact place to cut them out and it pops up those cut out areas which creates even more dimension. I’m glad I decided to repurpose that card. I like it.

The cold weather is coming tomorrow so if I go for a walk I’ll have to bundle up well. The high is only going to be in the mid 40’s. So that’s all for a cool, windy fall Thursday.





aquafit said...

very nice card, hope you are feeling better again.

jinxxxygirl said...

OOoooo i like that repurposed card too! Remember i might have told you that i got a big box of cards at an estate sale in CA before we left....? Well in it was alot of religious cards. Since we are not religious i couldn't use them but there were some very pretty cards and i cannibalized them for pretty pieces i might be able to use... I haven't tried yet as they are ... you guessed it .. packed away...

It is thundering outside as we speak ( or i type) a cold front is coming thru.. hard to believe it was 89 today... I say cold front come on thru .. let me hold the door open for ya! :) Tomorrows high is 69... much more like a Fall day to me.. Hugs! deb

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