Friday, October 16, 2015

Out of the Stash Card

Today’s temperature best described as “brisk” – a typical fall day in Ontario. This afternoon I spent some time visiting shut-ins at the nursing home. Some are a delight to visit with; some are almost impossible to visit with as they are non-verbal. It’s hard to spend very much time with those ones with a one person conversation going on….but that’s okay. Hopefully they at least know someone visiting them…..and I got some fresh air and lots of exercise….not only because I walked to the nursing home but because they are all on different floors and different wings so lots of walking there. I’m still speaking with the southern accent but only one of the ladies noticed and as soon as I explained to her why I sounded different she was okay with it.

As soon as I got home I went back down to the lower studio (aka the basement) and made some more cards. I didn’t feel like quilting today. Here is one of the cards I made last night.

I was looking for a piece of light teal paper in my stash for another card and pulled out this blue one with the light gold swirl. I have no idea where this piece came from but it was either in the box of paper a friend gifted to me or in with a bag of mixed paper I bought at the thrift store. I’ve pulled it out a few times and wondered what to do with it and put it back in the stash. This time I decided to use it. So the swirl was already stamped in light gold so the first thing I did was ink the edges with gold. Then I decided the corners should be notched so I punched them out and the re-inked them in gold.

That strip of paper was also sitting on my desk…..which needs a good tiding up…… and it was the right size and it had little gold-green leaves on it and the card needed a bit of colour….so it was glued on. Then gold peel-off strips were added along each edge.

Okay, what next……there was still some gold butterfly peel-offs left in my peel-off stash (I have a lot of stashes) so I added it and then some left over bits of peel-offs for the trail. The sentiment is also a peel-off. It looks crooked here but I straightened it out. Once I liked everything, it was then glued to a white card base.

It’s going to be a busy night for television for me……and I haven’t had it on for two or three nights…..but the Toronto Blue Jays are playing tonight and so are the Toronto Maple Leafs! Flip, flip, flip and repeat!

Take care everyone and have a great weekend.

That’s all for a cool Friday, October-16-15




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