Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Snowflake is a Winter's Butterfly

What a wet dreary day this was! It rained off and on most of the day and was even foggy part of the day. My sister had to have a medical procedure done in London so I went along with her, for company, and in case she could not drive home. Last time she had an appointment in London, her alarm didn’t go off and we had to rush to get there….it’s over 2 hours away. So, when I got up at 6:00 this morning I decided to call her – no answer. Oh, oh I thought. She’s sleeping and not hearing the phone even. I kept calling, and calling, and calling – nothing. One time I let her answering machine pick up and I yelled into the phone, “BETTE, WAKE UP! TIME TO GET UP AND GO”. Nothing. Joe was awake as well….still feeling sickly….and said maybe she went out for breakfast. I said, no she isn’t suppose to eat or drink before the test.
She was supposed to pick me up at 7:00 and at 7:00 the doorbell rang. It was her. She forgot she was not suppose to eat, woke up early and left her house and went out for breakfast just before I started calling her. We all had a good laugh over that one! She called down to the hospital to make sure they could still do the test and they said yes but don't eat or drink anything else. Wrong info! Who ever did out the initial report put the wrong info down and she could have breakfast and was supposed to drink three glasses of water an hour before her test. Needless to say we got there early and waited longer!

So, seeing as I’ve been up since 6:00, I’m a little tired tonight so I think I’ll just sit and watch the hockey game and read tonight. But first, a card to post.

This is one of the first stamps I bought many years ago and I still love it. I stamped it on white cardstock with VersaMark and white embossing powder and heat set it. The sentiment was a companion stamp and I bought it at the same time and heat set it with white embossing powder as well. Once it was heat set I sponged Distress Ink all around and over it and then some white ink. The embossing resists the ink but I do rub a cloth over it when done just in case some ink is sitting on the embossed parts. I added a large gem in the middle of the snowflake and a small on at the bottom and then glued it to a white card base.

That’s all from a tired blogger on a rainy Tuesday,





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jinxxxygirl said...

So nice of you to go with your sister. I'm sure she loved having you along even if she didn't need a driver.. Moral support is good anytime you have to go to the doctor i think.. Love your card Violet and i can see why you still love that stamp...

Storms expected to blow thru here this afternoon. Hopefully not too bad.. Its warm enough to have the windows open...i can hear the wind whistling in the trees... Hugs! deb

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