Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Today is Remembrance Day in Canada. We had a huge turnout for the Remembrance Day service at our Cenotaph. Joe is still sick so I had go alone and ended up standing right beside one of our friends. She is the only other person I recognized too but the crowd was so deep I couldn’t see much – I’m short!

So, out of respect for our fallen soldiers there is no card today. I am posting a sign that hangs on our front porch that I painted on slate for Remembrance Day.


I dedicate this day to my Uncle, Frank Harvey Willett, who died in action just before the end of WWII at age 23. Although he died before I was born I’ve always had a very strong spirit connection with him.
His badges and medals...which my brother, his namesake, inherited and his children arranged to have them mounted for him.








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