Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Step Card

Once again it was a very long eye doctor appointment yesterday – appointment was for 3:00 and I was finally seen at 5:00 for the first part…..after more testing….eye drops….waiting for the eye drops to dilute the pupils….more testing…..finished at 7:15 pm. Hungry and tired by this time. Putting supper in a slow cooker in the morning was a brilliant idea, if I do say so myself, and apparently I am! However, all it is good and I don’t have to go back until March 2017. Those eye drops really bother me a lot more than they do most people. My eyes are still a bit sore today.

We enjoyed a brisk one hour walk this morning and then after lunch I went right back to my quilting. I’m thinking of packing it in for the day and go down to the lower studio though. I have a few personal Christmas cards that absolutely have to be made yet. Today’s card is one of those step cards. They look nice but not a lot of room to write a message.

This is the front of the card. IT started out as white cardstock. The paper is from my stash and I just cut it to the various sizes to cover the white. The bottom piece of black cardstock looked too blah so I ran a gold BIC pen around the edges and then I liked it. The Father Christmas is a free digital image I found on the Internet and I mounted it on the same black as the bottom piece. Not much colouring needed for this image! The deer, sleigh, gold snowflake and holly and the red sentiment were in a package that I think I got from the thrift store ages ago and forgot about them. The deer are attached with dimensional glue dots as is the word Noel. The sentiment was one word glued to a white base which looked to stark so I just used the gold BIC pen to go around each letter so it looked like it was on gold paper.  

Here is the side view of the card. Like I said, not much room to write a message except on the back but it is a nice card.

That’s all for a cool Tuesday,





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