Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Birthday Card Number One

Another rainy day so no walk for us today. After my annual dentist appointment (all is good) we had lunch and ran some errands for us and the sister-in-law; got a few last minute groceries and headed home. Joe is my personal Uber driver (he laughs; shakes his head and rolls his eyes every time I call him that) and I do the errands so actually I got quite a good walk in.    

Today’s card is the first birthday one I made with my new Christmas stamp. I will be making three all together because I have 2 sons-in-law and a cousin’s husband who all have birthdays in January and they are all getting a variation of this same card.

This time I stamped it using the Rangers Big and Juicy stamp. Although I use this ink pad a lot I don’t recommend it to anyone because it didn’t take long for the colours to blend together. There is no pink left at the one end at all. In fact, I just get that dark turquoise and a bit of purple now. I cut out the image leaving a 1/8” border and then mounted it on that light blue. The card base and the light blue are from Stampin’ Up but I don’t know the colours off hand. The sentiment was computer generated and cut down to fit on a light blue strip and then the dark blue banner which was also hand-cut. It was added with a dimensional glue strip. I think it’s okay, but just okay. I like the one I’m posting tomorrow better.

That’s all for another wet and soggy Wednesday,




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