Monday, December 28, 2015

Hints, Tips and a Card

The Christmas season is behind us once again. Hoping everyone had a wonderful day. It was very quiet here as Joe and I were alone for most of the day. My girls like to spend Christmas Day with their own children in their own home and I don’t blame them one bit. We normally get together after Christmas….which is not always easy because we live in 4 different cities, one about 9 ½ hour drive from here. We did invite a friend who is a widow who was also going to be alone to come for the afternoon and for supper and she was happy to do so. We played a few games of dominoes before supper and just had a delightful pleasant day.

The weather has remained above average temperatures and we have had only a light dusting of snow so far this winter. However, today the temperature plummeted and we are having some freezing rain. Terrible stuff. Glad we are not leaving the house today.

Last week I posted some cards I made using fabric images and a viewer mentioned she had trouble using fusible web. So, before I post my card, I’m going to give you some hints and tips using fusible web. There are two kinds, one has a single sheet of release paper; the other has double paper. Us quilters like the double kind but for fusing fabric on cards, the cheap one sided paper is just fine. First thing you do is cut a piece of fusible web about ½” larger than the piece of fabric and fuse to the BACK of the fabric with the iron following manufacturer’s directions. Do NOT remove the release paper at this time. This is where people get into trouble when they do that. Cut out your design with the paper intact. If you have any inner parts that need to be cut out – like the part between a cup and the cup handle, do that first. Once your image is cut out you can remove the paper. DO NOT try to lift the paper off at the edge; this will cause the fabric to fray. Instead, lay it down on a hard surface and with a pin, score the back of the release paper. Bend it a bit to get it to open up and grab one edge and peel off the paper….do the other side if it doesn’t come off in one piece. Iron onto your card base; piece of wood; cardstock or what ever you are making. It’s that simple.

Okay, now my card. Last week I posted a black and white (and stunning if I do say so myself, which I just did) Christmas card and then a birthday card using the same stamp. Here is another version.

It was made the same way as the others – stamped using Rangers Big and Juicy Hydrangea ink pad on white cardstock. I used the same ink to stamp the sentiment.  This time I wanted to pick up the purple in the ink so I mounted it on purple cardstock before gluing it to the Stampin’ Up blue card base. I wrapped the ribbon (also Stampin’ Up) around the left edge and then added the button which was made from the same purple cardstock the image was mounted on but I added Glossy Accents to it to make it look like a real button. It really glares in the photo from the light shining on it but in real life it doesn’t.

I made one more card using this stamp which is my favourite so far and I’ll post it tomorrow. Late this afternoon I photographed my scrapbook layouts from 2014 so I’ll be posting them soon too.  So much to do, so little time!

That’s all for an cold, icy, slippery Monday, December-28-15





JD/ Jill said...

Your card is lovely!

Glad you had a nice Christmas! Hubby and I usually spend Christmas alone too. But have a wonderful evening with our daughter and her family on Christmas eve. (She spends Christmas day traveling with her husband to spend time with his family.

jinxxxygirl said...

Thank you so much Violet! I will have to revisit the fusible web thing...One question... once you iron it down to your base... card stock or whatever... should i wait for it to cool before i pull the backing off?

Love this card ! That stamp is beautiful and you showed how versatile it is... great colors....I really need to get a deer stamp. Its just appropriate with all the deer i have around here. Hugs! deb

aquafit said...

i love this card too

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