Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Version Number Three

Well that was quite the storm that came through here yesterday – rain, freezing rain, ice pellets and snow and then more rain with very strong winds. By this morning most of the ice and snow is gone and the roads are clear but it did leave its mark on the driveway – scads of small limbs and branches from our birch tree littered the driveway. It took Joe and hour and a half to clean it up. It was still raining at 10:00 this morning but quit about 11:00. I haven’t been out of the house since last Wednesday.....too cold and wet for me. I’m just now getting over the last long couple weeks of attacks from the brain disorders and I’m trying to avoid anything that triggers them off. I’m hoping to get out tomorrow for a walk.

Today’s card is the last one made with what was likely designed as a Christmas stamp. I have two sons-in-law and a cousin’s husband with birthdays in January so they are each getting one of these.

Once again it was stamped using the Ranger Big and Juicy Hydrangea ink pad on white cardstock. But, before I stamped it, I ran the cardstock through the printer and computer printed the sentiment. I had to use my stamp positioner to line it up straight with the printed sentiment. Then I mounted it on the Stampin’ Up blue cardstock and wrapped the matching ribbon around it. This time I glued it to the shaped card base – a package from Michaels $1.00 bin – and I inked the edges with blue ink. I wanted something on the bottom of the inside that shows - so what you are seeing is two strips of washi tape. I couldn’t believe how well it matched the ink. On top of the washi tape, which you cannot see’ is a thin strip of silver peel-off. It just looks more professional with that strip there – more ‘finished’……and it’s my favourite of the three versions of this card I’ve made.
That’s all for a wet, windy Tuesday,





aquafit said...

I like all three of them Violet. Nice job!

jinxxxygirl said...

Girlfriend i like them all! :) I just bought my first washi tape the other day at the Dollar store. :) I have a hard time finding ones i actually like. Have you ever tried making your own washi tape?

Well i think that weather that went thru you , went thru us first. We ended up with almost 10 inches of rain! Beaver Lake is SSOOooo full it made us wonder if they would close the bridge... Even with all the Spring rains we had earlier this year it wasn't this full. Crazy... We had a small leak in the roof... uuughh.. I guess better to find that out now than when we get it all put back together...darn roof is only two years old... We had a pine tree fall over... thankfully far away from the house or shop... Hugs! deb

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