Thursday, January 28, 2016

It's been one of those days.....

This was not the best day I’ve ever had. Have you ever had one of those days when everything you attempt to do, fails? It actually started last night when it was too cold in the lower studio and I didn’t feel like quilting so I decided to sew some strips of left over batting together so they would be ready for the quilt tops that I have made. They kept warping and had to be re-cut and then re-sewn…and I still wasn’t happy with them. I tried again this morning and finally gave up. So, then I decided to get the raffle quilt for Rondeau Park put together and ready for quilting. I got it about ¾ pinned together when I realized one end was about an inch off the batting. AAAGGHH. I was so upset I just left it for awhile and then went back and remove all the pins….and then I did what I should have done at the beginning and flipped it over…..and found the backing had a buckle in it and that’s why it was short. I could have just removed about six pins and straightened it out! Oh boy. Not my day. I had to re-pin the entire thing. Now the funny thing is I decided today to make a new recipe I found in the paper – Roasted Squash and Red Onion Cannelloni and Joe laughed and said, “Are you sure this is a good day to make something new?” Good point Joe! We had a good laugh over that but I proceeded to make it anyway and it turned out great. Absolutely delicious! It’s a lot of work and a bit messy to assemble but worth it. Maybe my luck is changing!

So, after supper I decided not to attempt anything to challenging and made a couple of cards. Here’s one of them.

I made a card last week with same paper as the top and bottom layers. They were still taped together at the back and lying on the desk so I decided instead of putting them away, or throwing them away – shudder – I would make another card. The two pieces were not quite wide enough to fit on the card so I added a strip of the plain green in between. Hmmm. Quite honestly it was a bit boring and I had no idea what do with it. I thought of stamping on the plain green areas but they were a bit of an odd size for most stamps and I had no idea what stamp to use. Then I decided to add texture instead of stamping and pulled out an embossing folder. The strips were already taped together and I did not want that plain green strip in the middle to be embossed so I carefully just put the top part in the embossing folder and ran it through the Big Shot and then I did the same for the bottom strip. Now I liked it.

I had a piece of the same green but a lighter tone I was going to use for the background but it really didn’t thrill me….blah! The patterned paper has a purple stripe in it so I decided to go with that as a background and ‘yes’ it worked better. To bring the purple to the front of the card I die cut the fancy oval – Spellbinders – from the purple that is behind the front panel and a smaller one from the light green. But before I glued it on the seams needed to be covered. So, ¼” strips of the purple were cut and glued over them. . The sentiment is heat embossed in purple…..Versamark Ink then purple ink and then clear embossing powder. The inside of the card just has “Happy Birthday” on ovals to match the front – I forgot to photograph it.

That’s all for a cool Thursday,




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