Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Multi Layered Card

There was no rain and only a light wind this morning with the temperature just around the freezing mark so we were able to walk around the neighbourhood this morning instead of the arena. So much nicer! We have one route that takes us about an hour and 10 minutes to complete and we do it the most; or we walk downtown, to the library and around the mall a few times and home which takes at least an hour and a half; and then other routes that we only do in the summer which are much, much longer.

After lunch we stopped at my friend’s house and picked up…..are you ready for this…..55 pillows she had made for the OSPCA to go along with the 4 that I made. These are for the kittens to sit on. These are all stuffed with left over quilting fabric. In all fairness, Phene does a lot of the cutting for the comfort quilts so that’s why she had so many done. Then, after a few errands, I walked down to the nursing home and did several visits with some residents that are from our church. What a busy day……and no quilting done again! Maybe tomorrow!

Today’s card is another multi-layered card.

Once again, this card is from the stash…..that never seems to go down!  Sorry I cannot tell you which company any of the paper is from but its not likely available any more anyway. Its amazing how I can have patterned paper and matching cardstock that did not come in the same paper pack – and yet the match pretty darn well…..of course, having a large paper stash helps! Even that strip down the centre that looks like a piece of twisted ribbon is paper. The butterfly was die cut with a Memory Box die and yes, I fixed the antennae. The sentiment is a peel-off.

The wind has picked up and the temperature has dropped once again so no scrapbooking in the lower studio tonight. Spring cannot come soon enough for me.

That’s all for a cool Wednesday,




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jinxxxygirl said...

Such a sweet and beautiful card Violet... I have a soft spot for butterflies! :) Hugs! deb

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