Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Cold Day but a Sunny Card

Pretty darn cold here today with temperatures sitting about -9C (15F) but with the wind it feels like -17C (1F) and it will be even colder on the weekend -14C (6F) but with the wind -24C (-11F). We're staying put today in our nice warm house. I’m so sick of winter. I want to walk in the bush; ride the bikes in the park; sit on the front porch to have my coffee and dig in my garden.

Today’s card is another one from the stash but it could be made from new material as well....especially if you wanted a quick card to make.


This paper was either from the thrift store or in a box of paper that a friend of mine gifted to me when she decided to quit making cards. The top and bottom papers were taped together at the back and then trimmed to the correct size for the card base. The ribbon was in my ribbon stash too and it really looked like the perfect trim for that card. My card making friend, Jane, lent me her Tim Holtz greeting dies. I haven’t used them much because I've been quilting and scrapbooking more than card making but I thought a nice blue sentiment on this card would be a good look….and I was right. I like how it looks….I noticed the missing dot over the eye as I looked at the photos and added one afterward. I was shocked at how big these dies are though. They really make a statement. I have his seasonal greetings and I may get this one as well. Not sure yet….maybe if I find it on sale.
That’s all for a cold Thursday,




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