Monday, February 8, 2016

A Rainy Day and a Card

What a busy day in the rain this was! It was raining when got up and didn’t quit until about 2:00 this afternoon when it turned to wet snow. So far the snow is melting when it hits the driveway and sidewalks and only sticking to the grassy areas – and we don’t have to shovel them so let it snow.

We started out this morning saying we were just going to do a few errands and get some groceries. Then Joe suggested that first we stop at the arena and walk some laps for exercise –  we ended up doing 16 laps, which was 2 miles; then on to some errands and some were quicker than others and by noon we just had groceries left to get and I thought we did pretty good time wise. But as we finished a quick lunch at the coffee shop, Tim Horton’s, Joe suggested we look at a couple of apartments for my sister before we get groceries. She has sold her place out in the country and will be moving into Chatham but she is undergoing radiation and staying in London during the week and cannot look for a place to live and asked if we would look for her – of course we would! That’s what sisters are for!....and luckily she has a wonderful brother-in-law too. We ended up going to see several apartments; picked our favourite two for her to see when she feels up to it; and headed out for groceries. Looking at apartments is time consuming! We didn’t get home until 5:00! Wow, tired as can be. I’m surprised I have enough energy to post a card!

Before I post the card I would like to respond to a question a viewer asked on a previous post – about the possibility of me doing a demonstration on how to paint on slate. I don’t do demos because a) I am self taught in most everything I do so I don’t feel qualified to teach anything. I give tips and ideas on what works for me for card making and scrapbooking but again, I’m self taught on that as well

and b) I don’t have the equipment or right area to record anything.

But actually painting on slate is no different than painting on wood except instead of sealing the slate like I do wood; I just sponge on a light background layer of acrylic paint; let it dry and then paint over top of it. Once again, it’s how I do it but it’s my own thing I came up with so don’t be surprised if you find other or better methods. Sometimes I sponge right to the edge; sometimes I leave some slate showing; depends on my mood I guess.

I appreciate the comments left and I certainly read them all and respond to the ones I can.

Here is today’s card.

This one was 100% from the stash bin. I had this small scrap of paper with the birds and leaves on it but not enough to cover a card or even half a card. It was wide enough on one side to fit on a standard card but the other sides were uneven and one was very short. So, I made sure one corner was square and then ripped the paper from one corner to the other on an angle. Yes, I could have cut it but I like a ripped edge for dimension. Then I glued it on that very, very light green leaving a small border. A matching piece of paper in a more solid green was glued onto the card base leaving a border there as well. I had enough of the very light green to die cut a fancy label (Spellbinders) and after a quick look through the stash I found that blue that was the same colour as the bird – bonus! It was also cut from the same Spellbinder’s die set. The sentiment is a peel-off. There was one small piece of designer paper left over that had that large bird, the branch and some leaves on it so I cut around them and added them to the top using dimensional tape…except for the branch which was glued flat. I liked how it turned out and I may make some more using that same design, even if not from the stash.

That’s all for a rainy Monday,




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jinxxxygirl said...

Thanks for the tips Violet. I figure you know more than me about it so that makes you qualified. :) But thats fine. I didn't mean for you to make a video... maybe just take some photos of your process as you go along.... Oh! what do you use to seal your wood before you paint? just curious. Hugs! deb

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