Friday, February 5, 2016

Snow! and a Scrapbook Layout

Snow! AAAGGGHHH it’s back! We had just over an inch of snow last night and it definitely wasn’t going away quickly this time. The street in front of our house was very icy this morning and there was one accident about 8:30 but no injuries. After breakfast Joe and I decided to go out and shovel the driveway. I posted our discussion about the snow shovels we have on my Facebook page and people seemed to think it was pretty funny so I’ll repeat it here for all of my readers.

The snow shovel saga: We had to shovel the driveway again - I do from sidewalk to road, Joe does the top part. I get frustrated with my worn out shovel and tell him: The quality of my shovelling is in direct relationship to the equipment that I was given!
Him: Are you saying my shovel is inferior?
Me: No, I'm saying it is pitiful.
Him: (pretending to be insulted) So, you are actually running down my shovel.
Me: I'd like to run it over and put it out of its misery. I need a new shovel.
Him: (thinks for a minute and says) You know, I think there is at least one other shovel in the shed. It might be in better shape.
Me: Grrrr. Urge to kill very high.....until I see that grin and sparkling blue eyes. I shake my head and finish the driveway.

We get done early and go for a walk. When we get home, he goes out to the shed and comes back in grinning. "Look! Another shovel and it’s a tin one, not plastic"
Me: It has a crease in it. Not sure how long that will last.
Him: It'll get us through this winter. We'll buy new shovels next year.

He takes it outside and comes back in with a sheepish grin on this face and I say: What happened?
Him: I took one push with it and it crumbled up like an according. I saw another one in the back of the shed. I'll get it. .....I roll my eyes and say nothing.

Back to the shed he goes and he comes back in with a huge grin and with.....are you ready for this - A BRAND NEW SHOVEL! It still has the store tag stuck to it. Urge to kill rises again!  So funny. Good job we see the humour in everything!

Today I’m posting another scrapbook layout.

I had a few photos of my grandson who is a very busy boy……oh the energy of a 5 year old! I wasn’t sure how to lay them out but I decided to not use the computer to do a digital layout – none of my templates seem to work. I need to learn how to make my own! I really like to try new techniques even when I’m scrapbooking so this time I decided what short info I wanted under each photo and typed them on the computer on cream paper. Then the photos were trimmed to fit – the edges have been inked with black ink- a favourite technique I use so I don’t have to mount them on black cardstock. I like how the photos are different widths too – adds some interest I think.

There was a lot of green grass and trees in the photos so I used a piece of light green for the background. The slide and the design on his shirt were yellow so I used a yellow strip to separate the page for the large title. The circle journal tag is a stamp. I have no idea where the bike embellishment came from – it was in my stash.

The large title was die cut with the Stampin’ Up alphabet set. I glued decorative paper on to a cereal box before die cutting. Love that alphabet die set. I like how this page turned out.

That’s all for a mild but white Friday. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.




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jinxxxygirl said...

Sweety we would never get to that status of 'An old married couple' if we didn't have a sense of humor! People often hear hubby and i going back and forth at each other and they think we are really arguing....they just don't get it... maybe only long time married couples 'get it' Oh i wish we had some snow! My first winter here and its been mild...probably a blessing... Hugs! deb

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