Monday, March 7, 2016

2nd Card with New Stamp

Once again the snow has melted – well most of it. Where it was piled up from being shovelled or plowed there is still a bit but mostly gone. My snowdrops and crocus have been blooming for a couple of weeks but then they got hit with freezing rain and then about a foot of snow so I figured that was the end of them. I went out and checked this afternoon and lo and behold, there they were – all blooming like nothing ever happened. Here’s one little group of crocus.

More unseasonably warm temperatures predicted again tomorrow but rain for a few days after that. We certainly enjoyed a nice long walk this morning.

Today’s card is the second one I made with my new Penny Black stamp.


As you can see I decided to stamp that extra flower that I cut off the right side into the middle. Why?....because I’m a rebel that’s why! I just like to do things a little different than everyone else.  These were once again coloured with water colour pencils and then blended with water. Then the background was painted with actual water colour paint – I like the different values of colour for the sky that way….and I splattered paint on again. I didn’t have any light purple Stickles – I know, it surprised me too! – but I had glitter in the right colour so I added glitter to the flowers…..and then glued on some sequins. This time I just added a purple bow and faux bow. The brads keep it from curling and they look nice too.

That’s all for a lovely spring day – in March!




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