Friday, March 4, 2016

A New Stamp!!!

This has been such a busy week what with both my sister and sister-in-law moving and/or getting ready to move and yet I told Joe that “I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything!” He just laughed and said that’s because you haven’t done any quilting or scrapbooking this week! True. I did make some cards but not much of anything else except help both of them with the trials of moving. My sister just finished her radiation for breast cancer about 10 days ago so she has not yet done major packing but we’ll get to that next week. She has lots of time yet before she has to be out of her place. We went to her new apartment this afternoon and spent a couple of hours putting down those thin sticky backed floor tiles on all the cupboards shelves and drawers. It is a bit of work but now the shelves look nicer and will be easier to clean. We didn’t get them all done but the rest will get done before she moves in.

Today’s card is the first one I made with my new Penny Black cling mount stamp. I love this stamp. I kept seeing it on various blogs and on YouTube and I just had to have it….and it wasn’t even on sale!

This was the first stamping of it and as I looked at it I thought this is going to be hard to stamp for a smaller card. This card base is 5 ½” so it’s a big stamp…..but then I noticed that flower on the far right was completely separate from the others. Mmmmhhhh do I cut it off or not. Off won. Yes, I cut up my stamps if they have something on it I don’t like or to make them more functional. Next week I’ll post a couple of cards with that cut off flower placed elsewhere on the card and left off all together. What about you….do you alter your stamps?

 Anyway, this was stamped on water colour paper with Archival ink and I used water colour pencils to paint the flowers in. I used actual water colour paint to do the sky and to splatter on the paint in the background. Now when you paint on water colour paper you are suppose to tape it down so it doesn’t buckle and bend. Do I ever remember to do that – NO, of course not but I have found a solution. If you ever have paper that is bent and only has paint or ink on it, iron it flat! Just place it between two pieces of plain paper to protect your iron and iron it with a hot dry iron. Works every time......but don't try this if it has glue, glitter or other bling on it.

Once it was ironed flat, some Stickles were added to the flowers and some sequins glued to the sky to add some bling. I was a little worried about just using glue to attach it to the darker pink layer so I made sure it stayed put by adding the heart brads after it was glued down. Before gluing it to the pink covered card base I added the ribbon and bow.
I really like this card and this stamp and I have no buyers remorse what so ever! It could be used for almost any occasion - ladies birthday card; anniversary card; get well card; or thinking of you card.
That’s all for a Friday, March-04-16

Have a great weekend everyone.




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aquafit said...

this is a beautiful card.

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