Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Dog Lover's Card

Yesterday was like a breath of summer – yes, summer. We had temperatures near 70F! My sister had a horrible headache and didn’t want to pack and the sister-in-law had a doctor’s appointment and didn’t need me to unpack for her so we took the day off and opted to go to Sarnia for the day. We looked for the Snowy Owl along the back roads on the way there but they must have left this area as we didn’t see one. So we had a lovely day including a very hot walk through the trails at Canatara Park. The only wildlife I photographed was a Redhead duck and he was a long way out in the lake but here he is.


Joe loves chocolate chip bagels (I do not) and the best ones are made in Sarnia at a small bagel deli so we stopped and got him a dozen. As I was slicing them, one slipped and I cut the end of my finger. Luckily I didn’t bleed on the cutting board or bagel. It turns out that the top of the finger is very difficult to bandage! I pulled out one of those finger Band-Aids but they are not meant for the top of the finger so it was a very messy looking bandage but it kept it covered. This morning I decided to place a regular sized Band-Aid over the top instead. Well, the problem with that is the top sides have no place to stick to so they sort of fan out. It looks like I have a baby hammerhead shark on the tip of my finger. Awkward too. Good job I didn’t take up nursing!
Today is my favourite granddaughter’s birthday – okay, she is my only granddaughter but that’s beside the point. She is an animal lover and helps her mom rescue abandoned and abused dogs and cats and is now starting classes to become a veterinarian. Because of her love of dogs I had to make her a dog card.

This is another card made from my hubby’s calendar. This time I rounded the corners after gluing on the background paper. The sentiment is computer generated. The banner is actually a ribbon. I didn’t have any of the dark brown cardstock that I die cut with the Spellbinder’s scalloped rectangle die so I used the ribbon instead. She got it early and she loved it!

That’s all for an unseasonably warm, but threatening rain, Wednesday.


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