Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Colourful Quilt

This respiratory bug just does not want to leave. Neither one of us can ever remember me being sick for this long nor have I ever had to take two rounds of antibiotics in a row. Yup, that’s right, more antibiotics. Thru the urging of family and friends I was back at the doctor’s yesterday and although my lungs seemed “relatively clear” it was followed with “but”….hate those buts…and sure enough he decided I needed another round of antibiotics. My voice goes from a squeaky Minnie Mouse to a mouse with laryngitis to no voice at all. Not fun at all.

We had some rain this morning and the sun came out this afternoon and as I looked out at all the daffodils blooming and other plants coming up, it made me want to get out and enjoy it….but instead I laid down for a rest  ....which is so not me. Oh well, I’ll be as patient as I can and get over this.

Just before I took sick I finished this quilt that I started at one of the quilt guild’s workshops. These are free workshops with the pattern and all the fabric supplied as long as you make the quilt and donate it back to the guild for the comfort quilt program. When I saw the quilt photograph I noticed two errors. Can you spot the boo-boos? Sometimes I don't notice errors on cards/scrapbook pages or quilts until I see them in a photograph. I've heard others say the same thing too.

I fixed the two boo-boos but forgot to take another photo of it before I handed it in. This quilt is made from just those two blocks and believe it or not, these are both made from exactly the same number and size of small blocks but arranged differently. These comfort quilts are given to citizens of our city and surrounding areas that are going through a serious illness, usually cancer, but not always. I think this should quilt should brighten someone’s life a bit. We just make the quilt tops and the guild finishes them.

That’s all for a cool but lovely spring Thursday,




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