Friday, April 22, 2016


Last night was quite the night. About 1:30 am I was sure there was a menacing person standing over me and about to attack me. I sat up in bed in full fight mode waving my arms doing some killer karate chop moves; heart pounding and in a cold sweat. I must have won the fight because when I actually woke up, no one was there. Luckily I was in the “sick” room and I still have laryngitis so I didn’t wake hubby up. However, getting back to sleep was not happening right away, or later. Very long night; very long day. I laid down for a rest this afternoon but I didn’t sleep then either. When either of us is sick I head for the spare room to sleep and even though the doctor says I’m no longer contagious most people, including hubby and my sister, are not taking any chances and still avoiding close contact with me. I can’t say I blame them.

The other day I mentioned that I quite often see errors in my quilts/cards/layouts, etc. once I take a picture of them and download it to the computer. Here is another example.

I love how this card turned out but as I looked at it on the computer screen I noticed that the two small dots on the left side of the label did not pop out. I never noticed it when I made it or when I actually took the picture but I’m glad I did notice it because it was an easy fix. I just popped them out with a needle. For this card I die cut the poppies with the Memory Box die in both black and green and then inserted the green parts into the black once it was glued to the card base. Then I die cut just the two large poppy flowers out of red and glued them on as well. The label was die cut with a Spellbinders die and is attached with some dimensional glue dots. The sentiment was stamped and embossed in black.

That’s all for a sleepy Friday, April-22-16. Have a great weekend everyone.




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