Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Epic Failures? and a Card

While the antibiotics are still working their magic, I still have a ways to go before I would consider myself over this bug. Speaking of which, most people use the daily pill boxes for medication that they have to take every day but what about when you have a prescription for something like antibiotics you only have to take for 10 days, but three times a day? Do you have trouble remembering if you took a pill or not? And if you can’t remember do you have to go back to the bottle and count the pills? I’ve done that but I came up with a solution and I’ll share my method with you so I don’t have to do that. Buy an extra pill box from the dollar store. When you get your prescription filled, put the required number of pills you need for each day, in my case 3, in each daily spot. If its mid morning and you can’t remember if you took the pill that morning all you have to do is check that day’s pill allotment. If there are still three in the container, you didn’t. So much easier.

Well yesterday was the first day I felt like doing something and I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I was going to make some ribbon flowers. Pinterest to the rescue? – nope, inspiration maybe but that’s about all. Most of the postings on Pinterest showed photos of how to make the ribbon flowers but no measurements. The first couple I made went right into the trash. I kept three but not sure any of them will ever be on a card. Here are the three I made but I'm calling them epic failures as they are not up to my standards.

The one on the left is two-toned with the darker shade on the bottom, lighter loops on top. Believe it or not the middle one was made exactly the same way as the one on the left but with stiffer fabric and shorter pieces, again two different ribbons used. The one on the right is quite large. I was hoping it would be good for a wedding card but if it gets used at all it will be on a scrapbook page. Too fiddly and too time consuming for me to continue to make these but it did help the afternoon go by faster.

Today’s card is another one made on glossy paper with a ghost image. I love these.
First stamp the image with Versamark ink…and in this case the sentiment too and emboss with clear embossing powder – or use white embossing powder for a different look. Then brayer over the top with ink….multi coloured ones work best. This was Ranger’s Big and Juicy Hydrangea ink pad but a lot of the ink has blended together so it’s not as nice as it was new, but still okay to use.  Then I just wrapped some shiny thread around it before gluing it to the cardstock. The piece on the bottom was die cut and it is the same colour as some of the ink brayered on the glossy piece. This was all glued onto a piece of patterned paper and then glued to a card base. I kept it simple so it could be used for a male or female.

That’s all for another sunny but cool Wednesday,




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jinxxxygirl said...

I like your idea for the pills! :) It was always a pain when you had to take antibiotic a couple times a day and at least one had to be taken during working hours. Trying not to lose that one and trying to remember to take it while at work was always a pain. Ofcourse now we are retired but i remember those days.. Glad you are feeling better.

I like your ribbon flowers. I have never tried it myself. Hugs! deb

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