Monday, June 13, 2016

A Card but with a Heavy Heart

My heart is very heavy with grief today. The unbelievable, senseless massacre of over 50 people in Florida yesterday has me reeling in grief. I do not understand why someone would think that they have the right to kill someone for not believing what they believe. What part of “Love one another, as I love you” (John 13:34-35) do they not understand….or for those who are not religious, “Live and let live”. I also do not understand why people are allowed to buy automatic or even semi-automatic weapons. Hopefully the good in the world will some day overcome the evil. My granddaughter posted this on Facebook today and I copied it for here.
However, life has to go on so I will post a card that I made last week.


This is the card I made using up all those small bits of green that I had left over from the other cards. I also pulled out that designer paper with the wine buds to go with it – a little contrast is always good. All the edges of the paper were inked with green Distress Ink. The three dew drops were beige but some Cranberry Alcohol Ink works great on changing the colour of them. The same ink was used on the swirl for the butterfly which started out silver. The butterfly was die cut with a Memory Box die out of a piece of wine paper – the same as the piece behind the sentiment – and the top part was cut in velum (because I had a piece left over) and I liked how it looked together. To die cut velum its best to put it behind a piece of scrap paper so it does not tear.

That’s all for a sad Monday, June 13, 2016,



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jinxxxygirl said...

I agree with you Violet. Automatic weapons do not belong in the hands of civilians they belong on the battlefield. At the very least you would think we could get that law passed. I'm married to a man from TX so believe me he loves his guns even he agrees there is no need for anyone to have an automatic weapon. Hugs! deb

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