Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Blue and Yellow Card

The heat wave continues…..with no break at all. With the humidity it’s just about 100F. I just stepped outside to see if we could have our coffee on the front porch – nope! There is a chance of a thunderstorm tonight but we’ve heard that before and nothing happened. It’s so dry here the farmers are very concerned about losing their crops.

Last night I went out to water the garden and what did I find devouring my roses – Japanese Beetles! Those ugly little critters are just having a feast at my expense. After a Google search on them it turns out the only way to get rid of them is to pick them off and drop them into hot soapy water – done! However, another friend of mine says she had them last year and again this year and there were thousands of them and she had to give up trying to get rid of them. Groan. She lives on a hobby farm though with lots of trees so hopefully the ones here will not be as bad.

Today’s card features a photo of a Prothonotary Warbler that I took at the park. Don’t forget you are more than welcome to save any cards to your Pinterest account for future reference.


Once again I was rummaging through the stash and found this piece of pretty blue paper that had an oval cut out of it. I happen to like blue and yellow together so I found this photo of the Prothonotary Warbler and placed it behind it and it fit perfectly. However, I like a frame around ovals or circles but the next smaller oval die was too small. I only have one set of the Spellbinder’s oval dies but then I pulled out some of my Spellbinders fancy ovals….not really fit the already cut hole but I wondered what the negative cut would be like. So, I die cut the fancy oval and YES! the negative piece fit fine and gives it a different look!

That being decided it was easy to finish the card. First the blue was mounted on white cardstock……and it was glued to a piece of left over patterned paper that was glued to the card base.

The sentiment was stamped on a Little B die cut banner and attached with dimensional tape. I thought the card was done at this point but I kept looking at it and it just needed something else. So, some fancy corners were die cut with an old Cuttlebug die set and then it was done. It’s amazing what a difference something like a corner treatment makes.

That’s all for a hot and humid Wednesday,




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jinxxxygirl said...

What a sweet little bird card Violet!! Yep our Japanese Beetles are at it here too... If you don't have alot of bushes or large bushes picking them off is probably best.... but if you were like me in TX where i had 4 monster rose bushes I used Bayer 2-n- 1.... It fertilizes the rose bush and will kill the bugs if they bite into it.. Worked wonders for me..You may not like using chemicals though... have you tried spraying soapy water on the rose bush itself? I know that works for aphids and whiteflies not sure it will work on the beetles... Hugs! deb

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