Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Card Request

This is a different post for me. I now belong to a closed group on Facebook that posts stories of people who are in need of a bit of support via of a card....most are young children with medical problems and have few friends. Such is the case with this request.

His name is Ryan Fritsinger and he has autism and no one wants to play with him. Why parents are not teaching their children compassion and support for others is beyond me but I won't rant about that. Ryan's birthday is August 6. It would be nice if he received a birthday card, or a postcard or even a hand written note to let him know others care about him....and yes, his family has given me permission to post his name and address on this blog. The cards or postcards do not have to be hand made....any store bought card will be fine. If you can, please send him something. I'll be posting mine on Monday to him.

send to:

Lisa Nelson
c/o Ryan Fritsinger
P.O. Box 3949
Big Bear Lake, CA  92315


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