Friday, September 30, 2016

Page Two

It’s still raining! After a long hot, humid and dry summer, Mother Nature is soaking us! Another two days of rainy weather and then it clears up for a few days. The temperature is just right for taking nice long walks….if it wasn’t raining.

Last night I was back down in the lower studio (aka the basement) getting some scrapbooking done. Today I decided I wanted to get two quilts and a wall-hanging pinned together and ready to quilt. This is my least favourite job of quilting. The two quilts went together quite quickly but I measured the backing wrong for the wall-hanging and I have to start over for it. Groan. I’m just glad it was the wall-hanging that I measured wrong and not one of the larger quilts. I decided to have a coffee and post my scrapbook layout before returning to the quilting drama.

Here is the companion page to the one that I posted yesterday.

I don’t always do a two-page layout but I normally do because I take so many photos and hate to leave them out. The background paper came with the different colours printed on it, same as the one from yesterday. I just found paper in my stash that co-ordinated with it to finish the page. The one photo on the top right needed something under it so I stamped a flourish. Seth was into making funny faces every time I wanted a picture but that’s our Seth so I didn’t ask for re-takes. I warned him that what ever face he was going to make was going into the album. He was 7…he didn’t care….and I didn’t either!

Here are the two pages side by side.


That’s all for a very rainy Friday, September 30, 2016. Have a great weekend everyone.



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