Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wheatley Beach Bums

When it rains, it pours – really pours!....and the rain is to continue steadily for a few hours and then there will be showers off and on until Monday! Yikes! I’m glad we did all those errands earlier in the week so we can just stay home now. We didn’t get as much rain here in Chatham as they did in Windsor which is about a 45 minute drive west of here. Many of the streets there are so flooded one guy was able to kayak down the street. Joe is impatiently waiting to see if the Detroit Tigers vs. Cleveland Indians ballgame is going to happen…my guess is not as it has been raining steadily in Detroit for hours and doesn’t seem to be letting up.

My card making is going to be slowing down as I have enough cards on hand except for a few Christmas cards and a wedding card my daughter wants for her friend’s wedding in December. I haven’t posted all of them yet though so I will be posting more. I’m trying to make a dent in the scrapbooking now….and getting the quilting finished. You will be seeing a little bit of everything I do in the next few months but it may only be a few days a week as I’m just so busy I forget to post.

So, here are a few scrapbook pages from 2014. This is a double page layout. Tomorrow I’ll post the companion page.



I cut these photos down to sizes that would fit with the layout I wanted….I do sometimes use layout sketches when scrapbooking but not when I make cards…odd I know. I inked the edges with a photo-safe black pen. This is an alternative to mounting on black cardstock…which is cheaper and less bulky. Here are a couple of tips if you want to try this. Always, always lay a piece of scrap cardstock or a piece of cereal box with a straight edge over the photo (I use old greeting cards). That way when (not if, but when) your pen slips it goes across the paper and not the photo… need to ask how I found this out!!

Hold the scrap piece tightly and close to the edge of the photo depending on how wide you want a black line…I do about 1/8”. Run the pen down the photo. Do all four sides and set aside for a few minutes to dry completely. Ink takes a little longer on shiny paper.

Once the photos were arranged the way I wanted them (I usually arrange them on a piece of white 12x12 paper and then transfer them and glued them on the designer paper background. Then the alphabet letters were cut out, edges inked and glued on to make the title. Because it was a beach layout I added the starfish (not that we have them on the beaches in Ontario but who cares) and some buttons.

That’s all for a wet and dreary Thursday, 2016-09-29



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