Monday, October 10, 2016

A Black and White Wedding Card

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for here in Canada. It was a sunny but cool long weekend here in Ontario…..and very quiet for us, especially for a holiday. We opted to stay home this weekend because we couldn’t find a time for us and the daughters and their families to be together except for a couple of hours and it’s too far to drive for such a short visit. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I ended up with a weird speech and pain from the brain disorders on Sunday and on top of that, my throat got sore yesterday. Today Joe had a slight sore throat….oh, oh hope we don’t have colds coming on! And then, just to make it more interesting, I lost a piece of my filling on one of my back teeth this afternoon. Sure hope the dentist is in tomorrow. So far enough filling is left that it’s not hurting but for how long???? I’ll be calling first thing in the morning!

In spite of all the downsides of this weekend, I did get some cards and scrapbooking done. My daughter’s best friend is getting married and Janette asked me if I would make a wedding card for her. Of course I was pleased to do so. In fact, I’ve made four so she can have a choice. Here’s the first one I made.


This card has many layers – four I think. It was made with a Spellbinder’s fancy die set and I think I used all the dies in the set except one label die.  The first layer is the black cardstock that was glued onto the white card base. The fancy cut large die cut was glued to black cardstock. The next layer has two parts…. the one large piece was die cut in white but I wanted something behind the filigree end pieces so I ran the die through the Big Shot but only embossing it, not cutting it. Then I simply cut around it and glued it behind the filigree piece which adds so much more dimension. It was attached to the larger piece with dimensional tape. The black label was die cut and the sentiment was embossed with white embossing powder. This small sentiment was originally attached to a larger stamp (not sure of manufacturer) so I just cut it off….which I do quite often if I want just one part of the stamp. This card is much nicer in real life where you can see the layers clearly.

That’s all for a lovely Thanksgiving Monday, October 10, 2016.

Don’t forget you are more than welcome to save any cards to your Pinterest account for future reference. Simply place the curser over the picture until the Pinterest save sign shows up in the top left corner and enter. This will take you to your Pinterest account. If it doesn’t work, please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks.



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jinxxxygirl said...

Well my dear i hope you are feeling better soon!!! And the colds stay away... The dentist OH NO!!! My goodness woman you are having a round of bad luck... But you sure did make a beautiful wedding card! Just love how intricate it looks! Be well my friend. Hugs! deb

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