Monday, November 7, 2016

A Blue and Yellow Quilt

Another beautiful fall day here in Ontario with temperatures around the mid 60F mark. This is not normal November temperatures but we welcome them to stay all winter! More raking and taking leaves to the city’s compost pile today….no leaves in the garbage for us…and for a lot of people as it was so busy today we had to wait in line to get to the leaf pile!

I’m working on a very complicated quilt pattern that is driving me crazy! Not only that but I forgot to get one blue fabric laundered and it left a stain on my ironing board so I knew it would leak through and contaminate the rest of the quilt. I tried washing the fabric that was not stable but in doing so the blocks went askew. Grrrrr. So I had to remake all the blocks that had that fabric in it – after I made another trip to the fabric store to buy more blue fabric of course…..yes, it was washed even though it was different fabric. I take no chances!

Speaking of quilts, that is what I’m posting today. A blue and yellow quilt I made for my youngest daughter.


This was a block-of-the-month quilt pattern that was hosted by our guild. We made one block a month not knowing what the finished quilt would look like. I love the border and I hope I can make one for another quilt. I’m not sure if the bottom left corner was suppose to go down or meet up with the other one but I didn’t notice it until it was quilted so it is what it is. Barbi loved it so that’s all that counts.

That’s all for a sunny November day, 2016-11-07



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jinxxxygirl said...

Love the one you made for Barbi... the colors and pattern are so pretty... My mother in law made quilts but she always just used what she had on hand , no rhyme or reason to her color choices... or at least none that i can . I often wondered if that was a thrifty choice... you know to save money as they never has alot... or if it was her true color preferences...never had the nerve to ask.. :) Same way with her crocheted afghans ... she made one or two for everyone i think but again her color choices just blow my mind... but i did notice when it finally became time to make for the grandchildren she asked them what colors they I'm sorry that new quilt your making is giving you such trouble.

Rainy cool day here... 60 degrees F slight wind...No arguments NEED the rain badly... Hugs! deb

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