Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fabric on Cards

No, I am not commenting on the U.S.A. election because this is a crafting blog, not a political blog.

This has been such a frustrating day! The quilt I’m making right now is made up from dozens of very complicated 6 ½” blocks….and one of them is not co-operating at all. I sew the seam and when I lay it down, the wrong seam is sewn……groan, groan, groan. My brain disorders are acting up today and Joe keeps reminding me that I should not be quilting when I’m having spasms because I make mistakes but I was sure I could work through it. Hate it when he’s right! Oh well, tomorrow is another day and this too shall pass.

Today’s card is a Christmas card made with fabric!...yes fabric!


I purchased about ¼ metre of Christmas fabric that had dogs on it – I love animals, especially dogs. To use fabric, it must be stabilized so first I ironed it very well to make sure all the wrinkles were out of it and then it was ironed onto fusible stabilizer. Once that was done I could cut out around the image and glue it to the cardstock. The card base is a cut-away card from a package of cards and envelopes from Michaels. I didn’t realize they were cut-away when I bought them. I thought they were just square cards but I rather like these now that I’ve been using them. I have a huge stack of Christmas paper and paper packs that I bought for next to nothing at the thrift store so I had no problem cutting in to 12x12 papers this time. I like to use at least two colours for the background, tape them together at the back and then add a ribbon across the seam. Then the same polka dot paper was used at the bottom on the inside. The little label was another thrift store find – a huge container full of various glittery labels and some paper which I think came from Stampin’ Up originally. I love it when people clean house and I’m there at the right time.

That is all for today. I have a very cheery card made with a new technique (for me anyway) to post another day, likely Friday… I hope you come back to see it.

That’s all for a cool and cloudy, November 9, 2016.



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