Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Brown Scrappy Quilt

The cold spell finally broke and the temperature is right around the freezing mark. Thank goodness! The days start getting longer as of today and we both consider that the light at the end of the winter tunnel! We are so not winter people.

I thought I’d take a break from Christmas cards and post a quilt I just made for my oldest daughter. This one was made from various browns and a few brownish-green from my stash. The photo sort of threw some of the colours off. The ones that look red are really not that red and the green ones are not that green. I didn’t notice how much the colours were off until it was already packed and shipped to my daughter so no correcting it now.


This quilt was made from the same pattern as the blue one I made for one of my sons-in-law and yet it looks totally different. The blue one is a more controlled scrappy quilt and the brown if just very scrappy.
Here is the blue one again so you can see what I mean.


Joey really liked his blue one and Maryanne loves the brown one so it all worked out just fine. I'm just finishing to quilt my sister-in-law's quilt today and then I have two more to finish! Busy, busy, busy, just the way I like it.
That’s all for a warmer Wednesday, 2016-12-21.



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